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Upcoming workshop at Stanford University: April 8-10, 2013

Groundwater managers, ecological experts and representatives from governments and business will be gathering together at Stanford University in April 2013 for a workshop examining the intersection of groundwater and ecosystem services. More 

Hot off the press

January 25, 2013: Spectacular groundwater-dependent wetland protected: Surely one of the most spectacular groundwater-dependent springs in Australia, Piccaninnie Ponds Karst Wetlands in South Australia was placed on the list of Ramsar wetlands of international importance on January 25, 2013. The 110 meter deep (361 feet deep) springs house spectacular underwater caves and support numerous threatened and endangered species

Groundwater in Australia gets a shake-up: The Basin Plan for the Murray-Darling Basin has been adopted by the federal water Minister. It means that for the first time in Australian history, the federal government is setting groundwater extraction limits. They will cover over one million square kilometers in eastern Australia - that's more than twice the size of California.

New and notable reports

The U.S. Geological Survey and Australia's National Water Commission have the same thing on their mind: the impacts of wells on streams. Both have come out with major reports on these issues - the USGS in November 2012, and the NWC back in June 2012.

Odd spot

Crayfish that live in groundwater: Strange but true. A threatened species of crayfish in Tasmania burrows into the water table in tall wet eucalypt forests, aerating and draining the soils and creating prime habitat conditions for other species. Unfortunately for the crayfish, some of its small range extends outside Tasmania's World Heritage area, into adjacent tall forests that have not received the same protection from damming, clear-felling and road-building. Read more.

Groundwater and climate change: Groundwater pumping in some places is expected to increase with climate change effects, as it becomes a more attractive alternative to increasingly variable surface water sources. But did you know that groundwater pumping is also predicted to contribute to sea level rise?  

Workshop 1

Focusing on law and policy to manage connections between groundwater and surface water

Workshop 2

Drilling down into links between groundwater science, policy, partnerships, and markets

Workshop 3

Examining the intersection of groundwater and ecosystem services

Workshop 4

Workshop 4 will focus on critical issues identified in previous workshops.